Lead Rangers, are you ready?

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Lead your children:
Salvation guide

Parents—lead your kids through a two-day, Jesus-focused scavenger hunt in your own home through puzzles, challenges, and video episodes. Fun for the whole family, and maybe some neighbors as well!

Gift a box
How does it work?

How does this work?

How much does it cost?
$35 per family. This covers the cost of the materials you will receive.

What if I have elementary kids but also younger kids too?
This is for you! It may require some extra guidance but they will enjoy it.

How many kids will be able to participate?
This interactive adventure is best played with 1-8 participants.

What do we mean by “At home adventure”?
Without giving it all away, this is a Jesus-focused challenge box. That is driven by different story lines, puzzles, and mystery. The less your kids know the more fun experience!

Do I have to put anything together in my home for this?
You’ll have to hide some cards that we’ll provide for two separate scavenger hunts that will take place in your home, but the box will provide you with everything you need for this adventure.

How do I lead my kids through this?
We’ve made this experience to be easy for you, but to make it even better you’ll be receiving some videos when you register on how to make this great in your home. This can only be done with parental/adult facilitation in guiding kids through the box and challenges.

Why is there so little information?
This is a story driven and activity based experience. If we give away too many details and surprises, we may take away from the experience for you and your family.